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My name is Kimberley. We brought home one of Cisco's puppies from her 2019 litter. We brought home our Meika in January, and we have been very happy. She has been a wonderful dog, and a great addition to our family. She is a very calm, easygoing dog. She is good with people and other dogs, though is timid. She just had her 1st birthday, November 7th. When we met with Chris to bring Meika home in January, I said I would send some pictures so you can see what she looks like as she grows. She is now approx. 30lbs. I have attached pictures of her at 2.5 months, 6 months, and 1 year.

Todays is Lizas 7th birthday and she has grown into a wonderful dog
Time has gone so quickly from that time i picked from the litter.
Wishing you and your family continued good health

Vic Rauter

Hi I just went to your web site and saw your breeding Bernadoodles again, that’s great news. We adopted a bernadoodle from you, it will be 8 years on May 3, and he is the best dog you could ever have.
His name is Boulder and the whole town knows and loves him. Our vet says Boulder started a Bernadoodle Explosion in Fair Haven.
Here’s a few pictures of him, he’s such a good boy and very smart, he loves to catch tennis balls, chewing on sticks, going for walks, a voracious eater, a non shedding fluffy dog. He’s very good with people and almost all other dogs.

Thanks for sharing you love of dogs to give us the best dog ever.
Pat & Patty McGuire

From the first email we received to confirm we were on the list to receive a puppy, the interaction with Chris was easy going and felt so comfortable. We named our puppy Sunny, and from the day we met him he has been a ray of sunshine in our lives. Sunny, has a calm, happy and gentle disposition. He is very smart & treat motivated so this makes training very easy. The only time he gets jumpy is when we come in from leaving him, could be 5min or 2hrs. If you need a cozy companion in your life, a Bernadoodle is for you. Chris and her family have a very clean and friendly home. You can feel the love they have for their dogs & puppies.

Thanks again for bring Sunny into our lives!