Supreme Labradoodles 
& Bernedoodles


We are a family who through our love for dogs has bought and bred them for over 14 years. We are especially excited about 2 breeds we see as superior for a fun, friendly, loyal family dog.
These breeds are the Poodle and the Bernese Mountain Dog. Currently we have 1 female.

Cisco -who is a miniature poodle and will give us a smaller medium size of Bernedoodle puppies

She has been infused with Monte our male Bernese Mountain Dog. None of us can resist the easy to please, lovable personality of this Bernese Mountain Dog. He has stolen our hearts!
We believe this is an irresistible combination and are happy to be part of providing this ultimate family pet for your enjoyment and companionship!
We consider the non-shedding and hypo allergenic genes of the poodle a wonderful attribute to the quiet, committed, affectionate, personality of our Bernese Mountain Dog --Combined they create a stunning combination in personality and looks!
We believe our dogs should be our friends and companions and enjoy our hundred acres with us.