We at Supreme Labradoodle and Bernedoodle are excited to have you visit our website and hope you enjoy our puppies and dogs! If you are interested in a puppy for your family you can go to our "meet the puppies page" to see whats available now and in the future. Sadly at the present we only carry the standard size but hope to be able to acquire a miniature female in the future.

We are a family that has several females and love raising healthy, well sociallized puppies to share with you!

We have two puppies  available to go to their new homes and help you make a great start to a New Year!
updated pics arriving soon - 4 week pics at this link​
We also have a litter coming Feb 4rth with our mother Hershey
Shipping to the USA
Important changes to USA law --all dogs being imported need to have a rabies shot which is administered at 12 weeks of age  and then have 30 days waiting before entering a foreign country. This is a big change and means you cannot get your puppies at a young age. Please take this into consideration before making a deposit
The USA has put an exemption in place that you as a puppy buyer can apply for which allows your puppy to come to you at the regular 8- 10 weeks --this may be an option for you if you are willing to do the extra paper work involved--you may contact us for more information​