Chispa & Toby
Newborn Miniature Bernedoodle puppies
 MALE #1
His fathers son- gorgeous phantom markings! He has a soft coat with a definite wave in it.
Male # 2
Mister Unique! A soft coat that starts dark and has lighter highlights. He has the brown feet and just a touch of white in a tux position. Very alert and photogenic!
Male # 3
Mister Good Looking!
This guy has the straight wiry coat with beautiful brown phantom markings and the cute white tux markings. Ready to take off on a whistle! He will make a great friend!
Male # 4
Just look at that cute white tipped tail! It could be wagging for you - This little cutie has more white which gives him more of the Bernese look- He also has the straight Lab coat. Playful energetic personality but not yappy.  
Male # 5
This puppy could not stop wagging his tail the whole time he had his photo shoot!
Definitely relational- must have his fathers personality!
He has no brown- The tip of his tail is white and he has a white angel kiss marking on the top of his neck. He is just waiting for your hugs!
Female # 1
This girl looks like a queen with a perfect necklace of white around her neck! She has the soft coat of the Bernese and the calm unrufffled Bernese personality! She  will make a lovely companion!
Female # 2
This little Lady has a perky personality that will keep you entertained. She was graced with a white tux, chin and tip on her tail. Her coat is half way between the short Lab and the thick Bernese. Very lovely!
Female #3
Little Princess has all the charm and beauty of both her parents- Perfect phantom markings and a short coat.
She will be an absolute delight as your companion.
Baxter has Gone home his new  family in Missisauga
Gone home - to a couple
                                    in Missisauga  and lovingly named MORRISON
lovingly named Stella and going home to Oakville

to his new home in Collingwood

This is Chizpa and Tobys litter in 2010- they were a very beautiful combo of Bernese, Lab and Poodle. We had the Berner coats, wire coats and the straight Lab coat! They have all been adopted to wonderful homes!
If you would like to have a puppy like this for your very own you may go to the contact us page and make a downpayment on our next litter..
These are photos from when the puppies were 4 weeks old